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Brigitte Bourassa

Education and Training
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Brigitte is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#2058) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapist of Canada (ACCT) and completed her Master’s degree (MA) through the University of San Diego in 2003. She has as well completed training in Life Stress Reduction, Traumatic Incident Reduction and suicide risk assessment. She continues training through a variety of professional development workshops, consultation and clinical supervision, most recently focusing on working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Brigitte’s experience and training in a variety of counselling settings has allowed her to develop expertise in working with many specific therapeutic concerns. Her areas of special interest include parenting, adolescent issues, relationships, stress management, anxiety and depression. She works with adolescents, young adults and adults offering personal and social counselling. Her current caseload includes (but is not limited to) vulnerable and at-risk youth suffering from depression, anxiety, and/or needing support with interpersonal skills, life challenges, and stress management.

Work History

Brigitte started practicing almost 20 years ago, beginning her counselling career in 1994, as a Crisis Line counsellor with the Vancouver Crisis Centre. She continued her crisis counselling work in 2001 with the South Fraser Crisis Line. These experiences led to a counselling position with Surrey Community Services Drop-in counselling in 2002 and to full-time counselling with the Surrey school District from 2005 until now.

Therapeutic Modalities

Brigitte works primarily from a goal oriented perspective, but also incorporate principles of Life Stress Reduction, Client Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into her clinical work.


“I believe that coming to counselling is a sign of strength. Trusting an impartial, non-judgmental professional to get perspective and new tools to address life’s challenges is empowering. People sometimes get stuck in behaviour patterns that keep them from moving forward. Identifying and understanding feelings and their roots can shed new light to a situation and knowing about the available options is essential to making healthy choices. I see my counselling role as fostering a safe and confidential therapeutic space to give individuals the opportunity to use their strength and move forward, attaining a better self-understanding and healthy connections with others. I believe in the resiliency and ability of people to solve their own issues.”

Professional Affiliations (registered with):

  • the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT)
  • Applied Metapsychology International – Traumatic Incident Reduction Association (AMI-TIRA)

*Please note that services provided by a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC), may be fully or partially covered by your Extended Health plan or through your Employee Assistance Program. Please check with your plan provider for further information.*

Brigitte offers counselling services in both English and French